The Triune God

There is one God, existing in three Persons: Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. God is eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful and present everywhere. God is completely pure without evil or malice. He is righteous and just.

The Bible

The Bible is inspired and given by God to reveal Himself to mankind. As God's revealed truth, the Bible is without error and can not fail. It is our supreme and final authority for our beliefs and practice. 

The Human Race

Mankind was created by God in His image, but the entire human race was separated from God by the rebellion of sin. No man can reconcile himself with God apart from faith in Jesus and His death for us on the cross.

Satan, or the Devil

Satan exists, and he is the instigator of sin and the fall of the human race. He and his angels oppose God and bring evil. After Jesus' victory over death on the cross through His resurrection, Satan and his angels will be punished eternally when Jesus comes again. 


Sin is failing to conform to God's will or breaking the law of God in attitude or behavior. 


Salvation from sin and death is the undeserved gift and favor of God, available to all who cease living for themselves and put their trust in Jesus Christ. This results in a life pleasing to God. 

Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is the biblical phrase, which speaks of God’s right as Creator to ultimately rule in every place and over everything. The scripture shows us that God rules the world through Jesus Christ, who is the king of this kingdom. 

Heaven and Hell

Heaven is the throne of God and the place where God’s presence is to be enjoyed for eternity. For those who are not redeemed, hell is a place of eternal separation from God. 

The Church

The followers of Jesus everywhere in the world are the universal church. Each follower belongs in a local church for mutual worship, instruction in God's will and ways, and service to the Lord and people in the church and the community. 

Mission of the Church 

The mission of the church is to demonstrate the kingdom of God as people's lives change to become more like Jesus through preaching and teaching of God's Word and mentoring relationships in local churches.


A sacrament is a formal act that is sacred as a sign or symbol of a spiritual reality that was instituted or recognized by our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Water baptism is a visible testimony that one has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and has turned from their past lives to follow Him. 

The Lord's Supper or Communion

The Lord's Supper is sharing the bread and the cup to remember Jesus and His death for us. It also speaks of our union with Christ and with fellow believers. 

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The baptism in the Holy Spirit, distinct from the new birth, is the initial filling of God's power demonstrated by bold witness, godly living and speaking in tongues. 


God demands that His people be holy as He is holy. Holiness is produced in us by the Holy Spirit as we believe and obey His Word. 

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