Ministry on Sunday

Listed below are ways for you to serve at LBCC on Sundays

  • Ushers

    Michael Yencarelli

    Usher Coordinator

    Facilitating an excellent environment for the gathering of God's people. To serve in this ministry, please contact Michael Yencarelli, the Usher Coordinator at (732) 870-2028. Scroll down for more opportunities to serve!

  • Fellowship Reception

    Jackie Yencarelli

    Reception Coordinator

    Providing an environment of hospitality and fellowship after our Sunday morning service. To serve in this ministry, please contact Jackie Yencarelli, Fellowship Reception Coordinator at (732) 870-2028.

  • Nursery

    Dot Glindmeyer

    Nursery Coordinator

    Nursery is provided so that young parents may spend focused quality time in worship and in learning about God's Word. To serve in this ministry, please contact Dot Glindmeyer, the Nursery Coordinator at (732) 870-2028.

  • Christian Education

    Terri Tirrell

    Christian Education Coordinator

    The Christian Education Ministry is designed to assist parents with their responsibility to provide for their childrens' spiritual training in the knowledge and ways of God. To serve in this ministry, please contact Terri Tirrell the Christian Education Coordinator at (732) 870-2028.

  • Tech Team

    Rich Glindmeyer

    Tech Team Coordinator

    The Tech Team provides an environment to allow the Spirit of God to move using technology. Tech Team is part of the Worship Team along with the Worship Band. To serve in this ministry, please contact Rich Glindmeyer the Tech Team Coordinator at (732) 870-2028.

  • Greeters

    Faith Clark

    Greeters Coordinator

    Greeters provide a welcoming atmosphere to visitors and regular attenders. They are also available to answer any questions. To serve in this ministry, please contact Faith Clark, the Greeters Coordinator at (732) 870-2028.