Purpose & Plan

A non-denominational Christian church, Long Branch Covenant was founded in 1983 with a vision to serve the people of Monmouth County. We are a community learning together to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ and learning to follow His plan to "love one-another". It is our hope to reflect God's love, His goodness and faithfulness, and to share the good news of His life-changing work, available to everyone. Have a question? Click here to ask! 

Know... by building authentic relationships with God, His people and His Word. How? Read & study Scripture.

Join a group that's doing it! Become a worshipper. Get involved in His church. 

Invest... and grow spiritually with purposeful relationships. How? Become "a disciple". Give time, resources, & spiritual gifts Learn the "discipline of godliness". 

Serve... by giving your time and energy to God's purposes and developing outward relationships. How? Help with community events. Mentor others to become "disciples". Practice hospitality. 

A Little History

Our journey began in the living rooms of members' homes. From there we graduated to a local elementary school gym, setting up all the furniture and audio visual equipment each week transforming it into a church. Setting up and breaking down was our routine for the next 17 years in various locations until finally in 2000, an opportunity arose for us to purchase property in Long Branch! As a transient church, the Lord taught us perseverance and built our character (Romans 5:1-6). We learned first-hand that the church is the people and not the building. While our church building was being built, the Lutheran Church of the Reformation graciously welcomed our "wagon-train" and gave us the use of their sanctuary on Saturday evenings for the next 7 years. In 2007, we held our first Sunday morning worship service at 355 Joline Avenue, in the new building!