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📌 A Season of Prayer For an Election. 

Saint James' Church, 300 Broadway, Long Branch

From October 27 through November 2


All members of the greater Long Branch community are invited to join Saint James' Church each evening at 6:30pm for a short service of prayer and praise as they pray the novena for the future of our country, our state and our town.

📌 Ballot Box Located Outside City Hall, Long Branch, info here

📌 City of Long Branch E-Mail Blast, info here

📌 Locate a Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen. info here

📌 Monmouth County Clerk, Christine Hanlon, explains the voting process and options for this year's General Election.  It is clear and concise. info here

📌 Prison Fellowship: How Darryl went from Prison to Director, read about the info here.

📌 For Local Opportunities, info here.

📌 Members put your ad here. Call the church office.